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After serving in the military, Carlos Astete returns to the lands where he was born in the south of Chile, a supremely diverse and outstanding beautiful place. He joined Fundacion Huilo Huilo to work as a park ranger and protect what ancestrally belongs to it. There, immersed in a magical place, their day-to-day life is full of learning and challenges focused to carry out an extremely important task: to protect the Huemul (from the mapuzugun wümul, Hippocamelus bisulcus). This endemic and locally extinct species is slowly returning to its ancestral territories and its hope rests in Tralka, a re-introduced alpha male in whose hands lies part of the future of the species. Overcoming the challenges that each day brings is an arduous task, in which the connection between Tralka and his protectors is closer than it seems.

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